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Whiteaker Studios 

After running the WhitPrint studio for eight years,  they are looking to pass the torch. WhitPrint’s goal is to hand off the entire studio operation to another like-minded non-profit arts organization. 

So, why would your non-profit arts org in Anytown USA want to acquire the WhitPrint studio? 

Because WhitPrint is: 

  • A premier venue for traditional fine-arts printmaking in the form of a fully equipped, fully operational turn-key studio! 

  • 3000 square feet of interconnected studio space -- well ventilated, high ceilings, and a roll-up door! 

  • In the Whiteaker arts neighborhood of Eugene, Oregon, the emerald university town of the Pacific Northwest. Great potential for residencies, if your org is into that! 

  • A pillar of the Eugene arts scene, offering 24-hour studio access to members, workshops to the public, exhibits in local galleries, and the Emerald Print Exchange! 

  • A printmaker's heaven! Etching presses – including a GIANT Ray Trayle press – platen presses, stone litho presses, screenprint washout booth, photo darkroom, guillotines, glass-topped inking tables, light tables, flat files, rosin box, etching tanks, drying racks, brayers, tarlatans, letterprint furnishings, screenprint jigs, screens, squeegees, litho stones, inking rollers...

The ideal successor is an established non-profit arts organization with a mission that envisions operating a premier printmaking studio. 

And how will the hand-off work? There is a Three Point Plan: 

  1. First, they continue operations-- run the studio, manage its programs, and provide gap funding – during the transition. 

  2. Second, they train replacement studio management (hired by the successor), and transfer all of the org's assets to the successor organization. 

  3. Third, they taper off. They spend less and less time running the studio, and gradually reduce gap funding, over a period of one or two years, while the successor absorbs the operation into its own way of doing things. 

And who is this "they" anyway? 

They are Heather Halpern, Paul Halpern, and Laura Wingerd, the founders and board of Whiteaker Printmakers. The secret mission is for artists to do printmaking without having to run a print studio themselves. 

They’re also the complete feet-on-the-ground staff of the WhitPrint studio, with Heather as the studio manager, the master printmaker, and the inspiration in chief. 

Inquiries on the position and opportunity can go to

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