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Here for your         printmaking         related news

Cammy York and Edie Overturf bring you the news, hot off the press!

This podcast and web resource is focused on bringing printmaking news and opportunities to your eyes and ears. The NewsPrint Podcast will focus on a central topic per episode, diving into resources, interviews and real life experiences from your fellow printmakers. We will be highlighting networking and community building opportunities, so you can stay connected to the print world no matter where you are.


To reflect the community elements that we love about printmaking, we want this to be a collaborative effort. We will be growing this concept as we go, based on the needs of the many. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to submit questions, topic ideas or to share printmaking related news!


Hi print nerds!


Send us some feedback!

What kind of printmaking related news topics would you like to hear?

Do you have a juried show or residency to promote?

Do you have a printmaking related artist opportunity to promote or share?

Fill us in and we'll do our best to share it!

Thanks for submitting!



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